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“Because That’s the Rule, We Have to Love Each Other!”

I forget who asked the question that day, but I do remember we were fighting. There were six of us, and this was one of those times we were all at each other, bickering and fighting. Maybe there wasn't a question, only an answer from my mother who told us to just stop, and then told us, in an exasperated, admonishing voice.

“The rule is you love each other! Love isn’t what you are doing right now. So knock it off, and go play outside. Be nice! LOVE each other! That’s the rule!”

My mother would remind us of this rule throughout our lives. Perhaps this is why the words,

“Because that’s the rule, you have to love each other!”

Stick in my brain. It was all in the reminders. We don’t learn lessons without reminders and practice. So Mom would make us practice and remind us often.

I've shared this rule with family and friends along the way. Some embrace it and others reject it.

“That’s the rule?! I don’t think so…!” One of my friends said back to me one day.

It hurt my heart. How can you reject the love rule?!…AND disobey my mother?! I thought.

But of course, it’s understandable.

It’s the first rule we quickly let go of when hurt, angry, scared, or wronged. We choose to separate from love. Ego takes over and we look for a hideaway – A place to lick our wounds and point fingers.

We put ourselves in the ‘other’ boat, or we place those we are angry with there. We separate. When really, we are ALL in the same boat making waves.

My mother knew this. She wasn’t perfect, nor did she claim to be.

But she knew people. She knew their motives and their hearts. And she would always come back to the love rule and forgiveness. Two of the hardest and most necessary skills any human can hone. (Help me!) So we have to practice and be reminded, often, because that’s the rule. We have to love each other.

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