• Mo MacPhail

An Early Morning Grace

There is no better time than early morning, waking up rested and rising in the dark.

This morning I woke at 5. I went into the kitchen and made coffee. My husband was still asleep, but he would be up soon. He flies to California today. He flies all over the world. He is my world.

I know it’s not popular or progressive to profess such a thing, but I don’t care. My truth is in him. I give my love freely and fully and it is returned in kind.

I pour a cup of coffee, and walk into the living room. He doesn’t know I’m awake.

I hear him rise and go into the kitchen. The kitchen is where he keeps all his things when he has to leave early in the morning; suitcase, flight bag, clothes he will wear for the day. He is a planner. He doesn’t get dressed in the bedroom because he doesn’t want to disturb or wake me. I wish I could say I was as thoughtful and mindful as he is. I am not. I’m more like a black Labrador, who rushes in with excitement, not looking or hearing the crash that has taken place because my tail hit the glass vase sitting too close to me.

But this morning is different. I make a great effort to stay quiet and calm as I move through the room and settle in on the couch to write.

“I can’t believe you’re up!” He whispers into the living room, a little startled to see me.

I go and give him a hug. He tilts his head and smiles at me. He can read my mind. I don't always admire this quality in him, but this morning I do.

He knows I’m caught up in one of my moments.

I follow him back into the kitchen to be with him. He slips his shoes on to go.

His way is steadfast. He protects and provides and does so absolutely.

I hold the door for him, his arms and hands full with bags, keys, and a cup of water for his drive into work.

The early morning light is warm on our faces. He makes his way down the cracked cement steps, and the early fall air moves around us.

I stand in-between the door and the outside world and he walks to his truck. He is my world.

I kiss my fingertips and hold them out to him. He holds his hand up and smiles, then drives away. I smile back and take a deep breathe in, feeling the promise in the new day.

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