• Mo MacPhail

I Get To...

Swim meet today. I have to confess, when I am the assigned parent I am less than enthused at the thought of anticipated large crowds, the long day of waiting for heats to happen, the many mom ‘No-s’ to pleas of ‘Can I get a donut?’ or ‘Can I get some chips?’. But then we get there and what I see are committed coaches, excited and amazing athletes, devoted parents and friends, remarkable volunteer...s who show up and give 100%. It is truly an inspirational thing to experience, and know what sportsmanship, camaraderie, and team effort look like. It inspires me every. single. time. So, next time I am the appointed parent to take the kids to the swim meet, I will mind shift my anticipation to include the fact that I GET TO go and experience the magic of the East Longmeadow Marlins,

and become a better and more joyful participant in the whole effort.

#swim #swimteam #effort #attitude #camaraderie #teameffort #sportsmanship

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