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Sharing My Story~

This is a scrapbooking MOment. I was asked to and had the privilege of sitting down with other local authors in our small town to share my story, Little Blue, and its message.

I am new to this amazing world of writing books and blogging and have come to realize that the purpose of writing or sharing my story is the message. When sharing a little MOment in time my hope is that my story helps someone else connect with theirs. You learn a lot about yourself when you write - When you go back and read what you wrote. One of the lessons when teaching young kindergarteners how to write is - All good writers go back and read what they wrote.

And when I go back and read what I wrote, many times I cringe because as I said, I'm new here. But after the cringe, I smile because the message comes through more clearly, (along with obsession and self-doubt, but that's for a different MOment). Going back and reading what you wrote is a cool and necessary process of and for self-discovery. Sometimes I don't receive the message until a few shares or reads later (my processing is a little slow sometimes) and I'll be surprised at what was sitting there all along, just waiting to be noticed.

It's an excellent way to connect the mind, body ,and spirit because you can write WHATEVER YOU WANT! And the best part is,YOU hold the red pen for the edit.YOU get to let the words just lie there on the page, (so right now I'm obsessing on if it's lie, or lay, or should I word it differently so no one knows I don't know, but will just leave it for now and ask my readers to forgive my ignorance as I figure it out and move on with the message... :) or mix and mold them another way so the message comes through the best way possible. I have much to learn in this brave new world of writing but am looking forward to the lessons and stories inside that upon sharing and making, might help others with their lessons and stories too. I call this fighting the good fight, which was the purpose and promise I found in writing Little Blue.

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