• Mo MacPhail

I Forgot I Could Fly

I forgot I could fly

Lying in bed, helpless alone

When a sudden remembered thought fills my head

You can fly!

I hear voiceless words whisper inside

I throw back the covers and stand in my space

And slowly move towards the ingress

I face stillness of night

Awakened hands turn bronze copper knobs

And push open the double glass paneled doors

With deepest of breath

Cool air fills my lungs

Crystalized water welcomes my feet

I glide to the edge of the balustrade rail

With bent knees and opened arms

I leap into the starlit sky

Caught in the current of coherent dreams

I swim through the tranquil night

Steering the direction of my flight.

#fly #forgot #fluid #dream #coherent #stars #night #dreams #swim #caught #leap #faith #awakened #steering #quiet #still

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