• Guest~George MacPhail

Where I'm From ~by George MacPhail

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I am from pixels and wires

From the beach and boats, to biking and swimming

From fishing at the quarry

From video games and computers to the farm behind my house

To my brother to my mom and dad

“From attitude of gratitude” to “You've been on the computer too long”

From Cape Cod to mom’s millions of shells

From messy rooms and edm music

From french onion dip and fudge pile

From mom’s countless spiritual explanations about how anything can relate to religion

From countless hours spent online

From flying in our plane

From tons of unfinished computer projects

From a very humble place here in East longmeadow

#pixels #wires #beach #boats #fishing #quarry #attitude #gratitude #shells #flyinginourplane #oniondip #fudgepile #humble #projects

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