• Mo MacPhail

A Visit From A Sister

There is no better therapy or salve for the soul than a visit from a sister who has your back.

There is no better feeling than the exhaustion from belly laughs that have left you gasping for air and caused tears to stream down your face, because divine breath has been awakened and exercised through memories shared with a sister.

A visit from a sister who has been with you through thick and thin - Who would drive miles and hours to pick you up from a place you need to escape, and then drive you home to drink from the well of remembering, so you never forget who you are and whose you are.

A visit from a sister, where there is shared song, and remembrance of a mother who at one time wanted all her money back on the Catholic education she paid for, because her children weren’t following the rules, but in the end knew her money was well spent.

A visit from a sister, where shared strategy and story is told about how to best navigate the gaming, social media, and many times hate filled calloused world, our children are growing up in. A place where no matter how old our children are, we will forever be that mom calling them, and helping them hold themselves accountable for their actions. The good, the bad and the ugly. And in so doing hold ourselves there too.

A visit from a sister where we remind our children that they will thank us one day for our efforts, and our children answer back, “Not today.”

A visit from a sister where we wrestle with our stuff, knowing we are doing the best we can, as we try and be the change we want to see in the world.

A visit from a sister who loves, and lives that love humbly, with empathy, courage, understanding and forgiveness.

A visit from a sister who is an angel placed here on this earth to help, so we can hold each other up when we’re tired, push each other forward when we’re scared, and guide each other through dangers that present while we make our way.

A visit from a sister is paramount for the perpetual spirit.

A visit from a sister is grace, and a gift that gives until the end.


(video: "Ms Celie's Blues" (Sister) The Color Purple)

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