• Mo MacPhail

Wait A Minute!

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

When did he become a young man?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

Where is he going now?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

Who is he with?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

When will he be home?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

What does he mean, “Don’t worry about it!”

Just wait a minute!

I feel like I’m standing on top of a giant water slide with an almost 90-degree drop angel getting ready to fold my arms over my heart for an epic faith fall, where everyone loses their suit at the bottom and we all stand up to readjust hoping no one has seen our private parts. Well, I see them!

We can all see clearly at the top of this fast moment and I just want to wait a minute!

I want to freeze time. I want to climb back down the stairs and keep making their lunches, telling them to take a shower, brush their teeth, represent well, to be kind and stand their ground. I want them to listen to me, but I know my days are numbered, even over in some ways. As my husband says, “They’re already made.”

While they were still babies and reaching developmental milestones, smiling, rolling over, crawling, walking, and riding their bike, he’d also say,

“Every day they will need us less and less.”

Being an in the moment kind of person I didn’t meditate on that one. I probably even scoffed a little and went inside to make a bottle or dinner.

Now, I stand to stare at this slippery slide of reality. I look to my left and right where connecting slides hang heavy for the next parent in position, waiting just like me thinking, How can I do this gracefully without losing my suit?

Well, the hard truth is we can’t. We’re all gonna go down with our hearts in our throats. We will fall to the bottom, lose our suits and pull and untuck each time because the real kicker and crazy of this wild ride is we choose to get up and do it all over again.

We forget the scary heartbreak of life and hold on to the thrill of the ride we just survived, until we get to the top of that next moment and remember there is so much more than ‘fun’ to be had.

And, I want to just wait a minute!

To all parents at the top, and bottom of the slide, I salute you.

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